What We Do

Advancing knowledge of Earth’s frozen regions since 1976

Diversity, equity & inclusion

The National Snow and Ice Data Center aims to be a leader in fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), and anti-racism within our organization.

Our current efforts include:

  • Anti-racism training and other resources for NSIDC staff
  • Internal discussion forums for staff to share their thoughts and recommendations to support diversity and inclusion
  • Recruitment and hiring procedures that encourage diversity and inclusion, including searches and job postings, and in certain circumstances, financial support with relocation and allowances for remote work
  • An NSIDC-staffed Working Group, which continually examines and recommends actions to support the DEI and Anti-Racism initiatives outlined in NSIDC’s Strategic Plan

NSIDC understands that earnest support for DEI and anti-racism must go beyond words; it requires sincere action. These efforts must be continually pursued, adapted, and revisited according to the latest knowledge and recommendations from experts in the field as well as those personally facing diversity challenges. We pledge to continually listen, learn, and examine and evaluate our DEI and anti-racism efforts to explore opportunities for growth and improvement, and share our latest initiatives on our website, social media channels, and other public channels. 

NSIDC also actively participates in the diversity and inclusion initiatives of the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Studies, the University of Colorado Boulder, and the overall environmental and geosciences fields. For more resources on DEI and anti-racism, see below: