NSIDC’s data management programs focus on preserving, documenting and providing access to cryosphere and related geophysical data

NSIDC operates three core data management programs: the NASA National Snow and Ice Data Center Distributed Active Archive Center (NSIDC DAAC), the NOAA program at NSIDC (NOAA@NSIDC), and Exchange for Local Observations and Knowledge of the Arctic (ELOKA).

NSIDC also works with data producers and users to create and publish tools and resources that make the data more accessible to a wide user base. NSIDC is a CoreTrustSeal-certified Regular Member of the World Data System (WDS), signifying that NSIDC provides reliable, high-quality data services. CoreTrustSeal is an international, community-based, non-governmental and non-profit organization that identifies sustainable and trustworthy data infrastructures through a rigorous certification process.

Our Data Programs

Satellite image of Antarctic sea ice
Waterfall of meltwater from Nansen Ice Shelf.
Annica Länta, a Sami in Lapland, northern Finland, herds reindeer on a snowmobile.